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<Business from 12th (Monday)>

<Business from 12th (Monday)>

From today until the regulation is lifted

Delivery and take-out only business

lunch time

11: 00-14: 00 (Last order 13:45)

Dinner time

17: 00-20: 00 (Last order 19:00)

I will do it.

At night, you can pick it up at the store

Order early until 20:00

You can pick it up.

Contact with people as much as possible

For customers who want to reduce

Also for prompt pay (bank transfer)

Because it corresponds

If possible on the condominium side

You can leave it at the reception

When picking up at the store, go to the parking lot behind the store

Bring your lunch

You can also hand it over.

Lunch boxes for standard and children's menus, etc.

With your favorite main +100 baht

Or make a lunch box set

Favorite, a la carte platter

Snack set (reservation required by the day before) is also available

There is.

LINE (Japanese), phone, LINEMAN, Robinhood

You can order at.

For menus and order details,

Is it a LINE rich menu?

On our homepage

Please watch.


LineID @ hakata26

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