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Kids space

Normally, you can use up to 2 grooves,

Currently, books, coloring pages, etc. for corona countermeasures

Items that are difficult to disinfect are removed and only used by one group. Up to 10 adults can sit.


There is a diaper changing table in the women's restroom on the second floor.

There is. Also, Bamboo, Bouncer

Mats etc. are also available.


If you wish, you can put toys in the private room on the second floor.

We will prepare it.

The second floor is a digging room

Don't let small children be in danger

The room that is blocking the digging tatsuwo One roomThere is.

For customers with children

Usually dinner time is charged

Room charge will be free.

With families and small children

Please use it for gatherings .


Toys for private rooms on the 2nd floor I prepared it.

Dinner time is due to the absence of the person in charge

By lunch time on the day

If you can make a reservation, the person in charge will

Toys for your child's age

We will prepare it.


Several types such as children's lunch and sushi

There is a children's menu.

Allergens are also displayed on the menu

We are here.

Baby food and allergies

The food for your child is

You can bring it in.

​Japanese sweets


Japanese set menu for children

Sweets and ice cream

Comes free.

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