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[Closed days in July 2024]

4th (Thurs) and 17th (Wed)

Private room with open window

Private room

There are seven large and small private rooms.

The largest room can accommodate up to 36 people

You can take a seat.

Seats up to 16 people

Private room with table seats​For small children,

Some rooms have sunken kotatsu. ​

B1-2 23.7.jpg

Customers with children

For customers with small children

so that you can eat

We have prepared various equipment for children such as kids space, diaper changing table, bumbo etc.

Toys in the private room on the second floor

I will bring it to you.

Children's menu includesan allergen

are displayed.



★ LINE ID @hakata26

★ Robinhood 


Course image.jpg

Banquet / course meal

Course meals and all-you-can-drink according to your budget

Thank you.

Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance.

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