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Private room

There are 7 large and small private rooms.

It can seat up to 35 people,

For customers who do not want

to be dense,

We will prepare a room.

Rooms with open windows and

private rooms with chairs

For small children, digging tatsuwo

Some rooms can be closed.


Kids space etc.

For customers with small children

So that you can eat

Kids space, equipment for children

We are preparing various things, even in the private room on the 2nd floor

I will bring a toy.

Allergens on the children's menu

We are displaying.



★ LINE ・ Order by phone

Less than 350 Baht for delivery area Delivery fee 30 Baht

Free delivery over 350 Baht

★ Robinhood is 8% off the in-store price for all menus


Delivery fee is within 2km

​ It's a great deal.


Banquet / course meal

Course meals and all-you-can-drink according to your budget

There is.

Please make a reservation at least 2 days in advance.

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